A Visit from Sandi's Parents

A few weeks ago my (Sandi) parents came to visit us in Peru. This was their second visit to Peru and we had a wonderful time! The girls enjoyed having them here for Valentine’s Day, especially since they brought plenty of chocolate. We went to the Pacific Ocean for a day, which is just 15 minutes from our house and we also did some touring and shopping in Lima. But mostly, they played with their granddaughters and encouraged us.

Fun at the beach. . . .

They enjoyed seeing the progress of our mission churches. My dad especially enjoyed seeing the progress of the construction projects that he has helped with on their last visit.

This is picture of my dad in June ’06 helping lay the foundation of the Arevalo medical clinic. . .

. . .and here are some pictures my dad took of the clinic this visit.
Thanks for all your love, support and encouragment Mom & Dad. We love you!!


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