Twim Lakes Camp. . .way down south, is here!!

We are so excited this week has finally arrived! On Saturday, twenty-seven Twin Lakes Camp staff arrived in Trujillo, Peru. Our mission is partnering with Twin Lakes to have our first children’s camp in Trujillo. Yesterday we enjoyed worshiping with the group in two of our mission churches, then we had them in our home for food, fellowship and some English singing and prayer. . . .

Today there are MANY preparations being made. Our girls enjoyed “helping” the group get ready and looking at all the camp supplies they brought down. Then, tomorrow is the BIG day. . . .the first day of camp!!

Please pray for this wonderful group of camp counselors, for Matt Nasekos & Andrew Vincent (Twin Lakes Camp directors ), for my husband as he continues to pull together many details and the 30 Peruvian helpers and translators. Pray for the health and safety of all the children and workers. And most importantly, pray that many children will hear and understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ this week!

More pictures to come. . . .

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