Becoming a little more Peruvian

Being that Mary Allen is almost 6 months old, I thought it was time to try some rice cereal, which of course is the recommended first food for babies. When I went to the grocery store here I was appalled to see that the second main ingredient in the rice cereal was sugar! As I looked at the other baby food, they all had “azucar” as the second main ingredient! Being the Dietitian that I am, this just wasn’t going to work for my little one. So, I went home and pureed some rice and gave it a try. So here she is becoming just a little more Peruvian by eating her share of rice.
I suppose I should not be surprised about the added sugar. Peru presents one of the best places for the growth of sugarcane due to its geographical situation. Its desert climate and soil have created one of the best regions for sugarcane growth. Also, it never freezes in northern Peru, so they are able to grow the crop year around with no off season, so there is plenty of sugar to go around!

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