What's keeping my husband busy. . . .

As you might have noticed, Allen hasn’t blogged in a while. That is because he has been super busy. Not only is he teaching Hebrew 1 at our seminary, he is having to translate and edit a Hebrew textbook into Spanish for each class. He is preaching in our churches once or twice a month and leading music on the Sundays when he is not preaching. He continues to stay busy with various music development projects. Two weeks ago his music students had a jury to test how they are doing in their music lessons. He is also getting ready for our first annual “Twin Lakes Camp in Peru.” He has been looking at property to have this camp, looking for horses to rent, looking for translators, and coordinating numerous other camp preparations. He is discipling several men one-on-one and also teaches a weekly men’s Bible study at our Arévalo church plant. On top of that he continues to take advanced Spanish grammar classes and also finds time to be a wonderful father and husband!

Please pray for my husband that he would have the wisdom, energy and spiritual disciplines that he needs to fulfill his calling here in Peru.


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