Christopher Columbus and Chicha Morada

Today at the girl’s preschool they celebrated “El Dia de las Americas” or “Columbus Day”. Abigail and Adeline both were queens in the play. I think since every girl in the class wanted to be the Queen of Spain, there were several Queen Isabellas:-)

After the play we celebrated by eating empanadas and drinking chicha morada. Chicha morada is made from black or purple maize (corn) boiled with pineapple and spices and is one of Peru’s favorite drinks. You can see from her purple mustache that it is one of Adeline’s favorite drinks too.

I will have to mention that shortly after I took the picture of Adeline and her mustache, she spilled her full glass of Chicha morada all over Mary Allen (3 1/2 months old now) who was sitting in my lap, so Mary Allen left the event very purple and sticky. It would have been a good picture, but I was just trying to gather up my sticky kids and get out the door before we caused another scene!

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