Returning to the Field

I write this entry at 11:36 PM, the night before our flight back to Peru. This time tomorrow night, we’ll be arriving at our hotel in Lima. And this time on Thursday night, Lord willing, we’ll be in Trujillo. We are READY to get to our home. Sandi misses her friends and house. Allen misses his work. The girls miss Patti and their toys. And we all miss our friends!

We are so thankful for everyone who has served us during our furlough. Some have brought us meals after Mary Allen’s birth, others had us in their home, others gave us gifts, others gave us free medical & dental exams, others have begun supporting us financially, and nearly everyone has told us they are praying for us. Thank you! You have been a blessing to us! We especially want to thank again the Saenz for letting us stay in their missionary cottage and the Shumakers for allowing us to drive their Toyota Sequoia.

Please pray for us as we travel all day Wednesday and Thursday. Its always an adventure to fly with young children!

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