Shorter Catechism Project

Before Mary Allen arrives, I wanted to update you on one area of music development: the Shorter Catechism Project. My goal this year is to compose tunes for the first 38 of the 107 Westminster Shorter Catechisms. Of course they are all in Spanish, translated by our very own Alonzo Ramírez.

The children out in Witchanzao have really taken to these tunes, primarily because Jaime Castillo loves teaching them these biblical truths. Even though many of the kids don’t yet regularly attend church, they love to sing these tunes. It is thrilling to hear many young voices singing these catechisms around the neighborhood !

So far I’ve recorded the first nine catechisms. If you are interested, click on the links below to hear samples:

WSC 3 (tune style: Peruvian Huayno)
WSC 5-6
WSC 7 (tune style: Peruvian Criollo/Marinera)

Only 98 catechisms to go!

2 thoughts on “Shorter Catechism Project

  1. Allen,Congrats on the arrival of Mary Ellen! I also want to let you know that I listened to one of the catechism samples, and I was very impressed. They sound great! More power to you, brother.

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