Avocado Season

One of the many wonderful things about living in Peru is the fresh produce that is available. Not just at the market, but in our backyard. We have an avocado tree just steps away from our backdoor that produces an abundance of tasty avocados this time of year. Abigail has come to love guacamole and calls it our guacamole tree. She has assumed the chore of gathering our harvest. We have learned that it is better to pick them right off the tree rather than wait for them to fall (it can cause quite a headache if one falls on you). Last Saturday we had a Peruvian friend over and he offered to climb the tree and gather the ripe ones, of course expecting a share of them 🙂 We wish we could bring some back to the US to share with you, but I don’t think customs would allow it. But, we will be able to share them with our friends coming down from Belhaven College, a group of musicians arriving next Monday night. Hey Belhaven, we hope you like Guacamole!

One thought on “Avocado Season

  1. Wow–that is so great! Maddie loves the avocado–Ley is way too picky for it 🙂 Your tree could save me a few bucks a week! Hope you are feeling well, Sandi–and Allen, happy belated b’day!

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