Music Development Update

Last week we held our first juries for our music scholarship students. Every quarter our students will be examined in front a panel of judges. We have piano, vocal, and guitar students. In the future we hope to boarden to violin, cello and other strings and possibly brass instruments. Our students were all evalutated so we can encourage those that are improving and challenge those who are lagging behind.

My right hand man, Daniel Ousley, recorded all of their performances so that we can compare their performance with future performances. It is our prayer that in six months, many of our students will begin to accompany the singing on the Lord’s Day services.

Thanks to many of your financial contributions to our music scholarship program, four students are can take piano classes for two years. We still lack $2,500 for our scholarship program. Please ask God to raise up the sufficient funds so we can add more students to our program. If you are interested or know someone who is interested, please get in touch with me.

Here are some pictures from our juries:

Josue preforming for the judges
Go here to listen to Josue’s performance.

Piano Students from the Witchansao Church

Piano Students from the Larco Church

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