Thanks for your Prayers!

Thank you so much for your prayers last week as I made an unexpected trip to the US to be with family for my grandmother’s funeral. Allen could immediately tell when you began to pray because the girls started to obey.

It was a bitter-sweet reunion with my family and I am so glad I was able to make the trip. The Lord greatly provided. I was able to purchase a plane ticket and be in Louisiana within 24 hours from receiving word from my father. My brother and his family picked me up from the airport and took me to get my first taste of american food in 13 months. Thanks Billy & Kristi!

I will dearly miss my Granny, but am glad she is personally with her Savior. I have never met another person with such sacrifical love and compassion for others. The best way to describe her is to read Proverbs 31, she was truely that kind of woman.

On the home front, the girls started attending a Montessori school in our neighborhood each morning. It is a very international school, there are Germans, Norweigans, Peruvians and our two American girls. They are enjoying the fellowship and learning lots of Spanish (and maybe some other languages too 🙂 Allen continues to stay busy with many ministry opportunities and I stay busy with helping Allen, keeping up with the girls, hospitality and getting some needed “pregnancy rest” in between.

Below are some recent pictures. Every Tuesday morning the missionary wives have a Bible study, this is always a very refreshing and encouraging time. I am so thankful for our missionary friends here in Peru. The other picture is of the girls first day of school here.

Thanks again for your many prayers and encouraging notes last week!


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