New Class, No Camera

OK, we have not been faithful bloggers lately! We do have good execuses. For one, Allen has been swamped with his Hebrew class. He started off as a tutor, but suddenly Professor Guillermo needed to take a month off. That meant that Allen is now teaching Hebrew grammar with his broken Spanish. The Lord has a good sense of humor! The good news is Allen is loving it despite it is very time consuming.

Also, our flash on our Canon Camera recently broke, so we sent it back to the US for repairs. Since we are presently camera-less, blogging has not been very fun. However, the good news is that since the parts for our camera is on back order, Canon is giving us an updated camera. Whew Whoo! Once we get our new camera, we’ll be back blogging again. So please stay tuned!

Some friends here let us use their camera for some birthday pictures.

The women of Arévalo threw a surprise birthday party for Sandi

Abigail enjoyed her 4-year-old birthday party with her friends.

2 thoughts on “New Class, No Camera

  1. Hebrew classes…that’s awesome!!! I would love to hear more about these…any chance you have materials you can share electronically with us here in Arequipa? Let me know…I’m very interested…

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