Music Development Needs

With our last group a very musical family came from Pear Orchard Presbyterian Church in Jackson, MS. The Reese children played two concerts while in Trujillo. As they played, the sound of God’s amazing grace made my heart yearn for the Peruvians. If they could only taste and see how great the gospel of Jesus Christ is! The video below is their concert in our newest church in the Arévalo Parish.

I also dreamed of how the music in our churches could be. One of my priviledges is spearheading music development. At the present we do not have any Reese families to play in our churches. So we have a great need to find musically talented who faithful church members and interested in learning piano and other instruments. I can think of several youth who fit this description. Trujillo is blessed to have a conservatory with many capable teachers. Our dream is to offer scholarships to several of budding musicians who could in turn commit to play in our churches.

However, there are two main items that we lack: money and musical instruments. Music lesson runs about $4/hour. Six scholarships for a two year period would be about $3,000. I’ll be in Lima this weekend looking for prices on quality electronic pianos. I think that $6,000 (including music lessons and instruments) is a good estimate for getting started. Would you pray that God would raise up $6,000 by the end of this year? Imagine how much this small amount of money could be reproduced thrity, sixty, and hundredfold in God’s kingdom!

If you know anyone who might be interested in this music development project, please click here to email me. Thank you again for your prayers and support!

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