Fourth of July in Peru

One of the ways to keep a sense of sanity on the mission field is to celebrate US holidays such as the Fourth of July. Here are some pictures of our cookout at our house….

Allen Bradford began our time by painting flags on faces

Abbie and William Bradford show off their flags

Even the young at heart participated!

We bought a cheap grill for the occasion.
The burgers were very tasty!

The kids enjoyed the food.

Some stuffed their faces.

And others really loved the food!

Here’s a short video of our fun and games.

Just hours before our party, I drew a blank on what sort of games to play. So I had to make an emergency call to Matthew Nasekos, Twin Lakes Summer Camps Director. Thanks Matt for your help! The oversized clothes race and cold shirt race was a hit!

I hope you had a great 4th. May God continue to shed his grace on America!

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