Back from Guayaqil

Last week our family had to leave the country to finish our residential visa work. We chose to visit Guayaqil, Ecuador. Right after we put our luggage in our hotel, we decided to walk around and get to know the town. Right behind the hotel was a beautiful Cathedral with a park in front. As we strolled through the park, I lost my breath when we saw iguanas crawling all over the park!

Guayaqil 2
At first the girls were frightened,
(see Adeline way back there)

Guayaqil 1
but they eventually warmed up to them.

Guayaqil 3
Before long they were sitting near them.

When we arrived back to Trujillo, the San Augustine Society organized a Science Conference at the most prestigious university in North Peru. Dr. Tom McMullen presented for three days engaging different scientific theories such as the big bang, evotional from a common ancestor, intelligent design, etc. About a dozen professors and up to 200 students attended. science conferenceThe last day, several students came down for further inquiry and one student said (I’m paraphrasing), “The first day we thought this guy was crazy. But after seeing all his arguments and scientific data, we don’t know what to think now!” Dr. McMullen sure did stir up the water. So please pray that God would use this conference to bring many agnostics, atheists, and seekers to the Lord and to His Church. For more information, see the Bradford’s Blog.

We have also been working out at Arevalo, our newest church in Trujillo. We have recently seen some encouraging signs. On Sunday morning is not uncommon for 50-60 children to show up: that is more than half of the attendance. In more than one way the Arevalo Church is very young. Several of these kids have been very dedicated to help with the short-team construction efforts, as you can see in the pictures below.

Children with the work Helping on the work
Please God would open doors to their families.

Sandi has also been helping out with the woman’s Bible study on Fridays. With only its second week we had 25 in attendance. Corinne Bradford, Bill Bradford’s mother, taught the first two studies. Sandi has been requested by the ladies to share her knowledge of dietetics.

Mr. & Mrs. Quiroz
Pastor Eduardo with his wife Naomi

Arevalo Bible Study
We are praying that God would help us reach
the husbands through these ladies.

On the home front, a recent intern took some picture of our family. I thought you’d might like to see some of the highlights.

Family Pic
IMG_3782 IMG_3702

Blessings from Peru!

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