Peruvian Elections: Alan Gracia has Won

Alan GarciaBefore we left for Ecuador, I wanted to to give a quick update to all who were praying for the Peruvian Elections. At 77% of the votes in, here are the results thus far:

Alan Garcia: 55.5%
Ollanta Humala: 44.5%

Thank you for praying for the church in Peru. We still believe that Alan Garcia would bring the most peace to our work. There was talk that Ollanta eventually wanted all foreigners out of the country. I’m sure that was a rumor, but the attitudes towards gringos would have been the same. Alan Garcia is not the most conservative person in Peru in his economic and political leanings, but we can leave the country with no fear of getting back in.

For those interested you can click here and here for more information about the election.

Our family will be traveling this week to Ecuador and Lima. We have to finish up our visa work for the girls. Please pray that God would grant us safety, especially in the post election environmnet in Peru.

One thought on “Peruvian Elections: Alan Gracia has Won

  1. I’m fairly confident that Ollanta would have done whatever he could to push foreigners out of Peru. He’s a hater of capitalism, which makes him a hater of American’s, regardless of their purpose in Peru. Along with nationalizing natural resources, Ollanta had talked of wanting to tax churches, which could have closed many ministries down, along with his other wild ideas that would have been more in line with Chavez than perhaps he was willing to admit…God answered prayers and blessed Peru by keeping Ollanta from winning. Now we must pray that Alan is true his word. If so, relations between the U.S. and Peru are sure to improve, and the lives of Peruvians everywhere are sure to improve, as well…

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