Trujillo: Home, Sweet Home

It has been over a month since our last post. The telephone company finally came to install our internet. We are getting use to the Peruvian time table of getting things done. Nevertheless, we are very happy that we are re-connected to the world again!

Let me review the highlights of our first month in Trujillo:

1). Growing Up.

Our first weekend we celebrated Adeline’s two year old birthday party. (I guess I should mentioned that Allen also passed the 30 year milestone as well.) Here are some pics from the party…

B-Day 3 B-Day 2 B-Day 4
Sticking, Licking, Diving-In!

B-Day 6
Abbie enjoys some cake and ice cream

B-Day 5
Milly Baker does too
First Night in BedThe same week Adeline turned two she decided she wanted to grow up some. After family worship one night, I told the girls, “OK time for bed.” Adeline dashed upstairs, which she never has done before, so we followed her to see where she was going. I had recently put her bed in the same room as Abigail and she was eager to try it out. When we found her, she was in her sleep mode (two fingers in the mouth and the other hand twirling hair). We are pround that our baby wants to grow up!

2). Settling Down.

We are thrilled to have most of the boxes unpacked the the suitcase put up! In the past five years we have lived in five places. I cannot tell you how nice it is to know that we will not be moving anytime soon. Now we are ready to host the many short term groups that will be coming this summer. Why don’t you come and visit us in Peru? We would love for you to come!

Girls Outside
The girls quickly found their little red car
that barely made it to Peru.

Sunday Singing
The missionary families and the interns
singing together on the Lord’s Day.

3). Plugging In.

ArevaloAnother great blessing about being in Trujillo is that Allen is finally getting to do some of the things he has been called to do. Allen has been busy learning the music of the Peruvian churches. Last Sunday, he began helping lead the music at the Arevalo Church. They have been singing mostly in acappella. The attendance has been low recently, and the majority has been children. So Allen and Bill Bradford are helping Pastor Eduardo in the afternoons with visitations. The Arevalo parish neighborhood is huge! And most that we have encountered are not faithful in any church. Please pray that God would bless the Arevalo Church with conversion growth and that the parents of the children would become faithful members.

We cannot express are gratitude for your support. We could not have made it to Trujillo without your many prayers and finacially backing. Thank you!

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