Getting Ready to Move

MilkshakeWe have learned much Spanish in Cusco, however we are more than ready to move to Trujillo. Being away from our team has been tough as we go through culture shock. Sandi and I have thought of two top five lists before we move…

Top Five Things We Will Miss About Cusco

  • The beautiful scenery of the Andes mountains
  • Being able to walk almost everywhere
  • The best milkshakes in the world at our favorite cafe: Don Estebans & Don Panchos
  • The friends we’ve made
  • Chaska Wasi – Abbie and Adeline’s kindergarden

Top Five Things We Will NOT Miss About Cusco

  • The 11,000 foot alititude along with its cold and damp weather
  • Living out of a suitcase for five months
  • Being so far from our team and work in Trujillo
  • Getting bit by fleas in our apartment
  • Our Bed! A two inch foam mattress over a slab of wood

For those interested, here is our new mailing address in Trujillo:

Allen Smith
Larco 100
Trujillo, Peru
South America

Image from Google Earth
We are very appreciative for your many prayers and interest in us. We get lonely sometimes and would love to hear from you. As Proverbs 25:25 says:

“Like cold water to a thirsty soul,
so is good news from a far country.”

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