Three Weeks in Cuzco

At Pisaq
The last three weeks have been a very long three weeks at language school. It always seems that time creeps by when you encounter many new things. At least that’s the way it was when I was young. Christmas always seemed thousands of years away at age six. Well, things are getting normal and now time is speeding up.

Last week the girls went to VBS at the local Presbyterian mission church. They didn’t understand much of the songs or Bible stories, but they sure did understand the language of play. In two weeks they’ll begin a bilingual pre-school called Chaska Wasi. Abbie is very excited about going to her new “jardin” (Spanish for garden, I guess somewhat equivalent to what we call “nursery”). Adeline has no clue she is going yet. Please pray that Abbie and Adeline will learn Spanish quickly at their new school.

Yesterday we went to the quaint village of Pisaq, just over the mountain from Cuzco. It was about a 45 minute drive; our first time out in the Peruvian country side. It was gorgeous! Here are some pictures we took while at the market and the local playground:

Sandi in the Market adeline climbing IMG_2982 abbie playing
We’re still looking for the right house in Trujillo. The rent has really gone up in the last two years; something we didn’t budget for while raising funds. We want to be wise stewards of God’s money given to us through you. Please pray that the houses we are looking at will come down in price and that He will provide us the best house for our family and ministry.

2 thoughts on “Three Weeks in Cuzco

  1. Hey! It’s great to read some posts from you guys! We’re praying for you all the time which makes us miss you! This past weekend we went to Eric Edwards wedding – Brian officiated. It was really fun – his new wife Shelly is awesome! Tonight Brian is at a Veritas Book Club meeting at the local Barnes and Noble here in Fresno. It has been a great outreach of the church. It also looks like we’ll be moving into a new church building here in a month or so. We have a roughly put together website with pics of the baby and kids Check it out. We love y’all!The Petersons

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