Hola! from Cuzco

Hola de Cuzco

Abbie says, “Hola! from Cuzco”
Living out of SuitcasesTonight I’m am writing from our new home in Cuzco. It is nice to finally settle down for several months. As you can see we’ve been living out of our suitcases for the past two months. We now have our own rooms. The MTW missionary family, Bill and Jeanine Allen, were instrumental in finding us our apartment in Cuzco. We would not be here if it were not for their great help!

Desk at ZarumillaHere’s a picture of the great view we have to study from. Even though we’ve only been here one week, we already miss our team immensely. God richly blessed our time in Trujillo as we had fellowship with the Bakers, Bradfords, Dale Ellison, and Roland & Peaches Barnes.

Sandi and I felt overwhelmed our first day in Cuzco. I had no idea how much 10,900 feet would effect us. Bill and Jeanine Allen picked us up from the airport and had us over latter for supper. Over some soup, Dr. Bill Allen said that we might have trouble sleeping the next few nights due to elevation sickness, what they locals call “soroche”. Boy was he right! Sandi and the girls slept fine, but I woke up several times short of breath and with a pounding headache. The tea mate de coca really does help soroche!

Mike PreachingThe Pre-General Assembly Missions Conference went great. Our former pastor, Dr. Mike Ross, preached five sermons on Acts 2. He stressed the importance of spirit filled churches. Such churches keep the urgency of the gospel at the forefront of all ecclesiastical ministry as well as never straying from the ordinary means of grace as recorded in Acts. 2:42. Many ministers made comments to me how convicting were his sermons. May God’s word sink deep into their hearts.

Chan ChanAfter the Missions Conference, we toured Chan Chan, the largest and oldest adobe city in the world. The tour guide informed us that the king and 120 of his servants lived within the city while over 30,000 lived outside its walls. That would mean only 0.005% of the total population lived within 90% of the city. As we walked through the ruins the thought kept coming too me, “O that the City of God would come and transform Peru!”

Sandi at Excel

Sandi and I both really like our spanish teachers. Both are very patient and very professional. Please pray that Sandi and I will learn very rapidly so that we can return to Trujillo as quickly as possible.

Girls in Lima Shine Shoes
Sandi poses with the girls in Lima’s Plaza de Armas while Allen gets his shoes shined next to the Cathedral.

Adlne in Cuzco
Chao from Cuzco!

5 thoughts on “Hola! from Cuzco

  1. We just received an email with your blog. It will be nice to be able to keep up with your ministry directly. May God bless you all and work through all of you to spread his word in Peru.Scott, Shay, Sarah and Claire

  2. I know it feels wonderful to be in the country and immersed by the culture and language. Hope y’all enjoy every aspect of the preparation for ministry – especially since you’re ministering every day to one another and all those with whom you have contact! We’re praying for you.In Him, Patty

  3. We will keep you in our prayers. What a privilege it will be to see you and your family grow through this experience. May God’s unending grace cover you always.In Him, Parke Fowler

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