Arrived in Peru!

Smiths in Jackson Airport
We’ve finally arrived in Peru!
Dad at the Airport Dixie at the Airport
My dad took us to the airport and Dixie Ball came also to say goodbye.
Abbie's first flight Abbie Sleeping on the Plane Mom and Adeline in plane Adeline Sleeping on the Plane
Abigail was very excited to fly on her first flight. Some of you were praying for Adeline’s ear ache. She travelled beautifully. The flight from Dallas to Lima was a long seven hours. I would have kissed the Peruvian soil if I was not so worried about parasites.

We’ve been staying with the Baker family. The girls love playing with their five daughters. Dr. Dan Doolittle is also here visiting many patients in our parish churches. Tomorrow we are going to look for a house. Sandi and I are ready to settle down!

Family in front of Flags
Hasta Luego from Peru!

5 thoughts on “Arrived in Peru!

  1. Praise God! What a wonderful way to document what He has done. One day your girls will look back with amazement at how God has providentially led your family. Hope you get some rest before the work of finding a house!

  2. Great news on your arrival! Samuel and Kiah have been praying for you all at every turn and we’ll be praying today about finding a house. Is there a time difference? We love you! Anna for the Peterson crew

  3. We are so thankful to hear of your safe arrival after such a LONG trip! How did the girls do? We are praying for you and even our Joseph prays for the “Smiths in Pru”–that is “3 year old” for Peru for those of you out of practice in preschooler speech. What a sovereign God we serve! Halliefor all of the Hollands

  4. Great to see Lord bring your dreams and vision of ministry and mission to a reality. Thank you for the wonderful update, we will be praying for you. Enjoy the warmth – Love the Crowns from the “Great White North” of Canada

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