We've Got Our Tickets!

Kind of scary, but today we reserved our one-way tickets to Peru! Our departure date is January 16, 2006. We have now officially shifted into high gear. Already we feel like were behind on packing since we’ll be on the road most of December.

Peru GlobeWe are overwhelmed with all that needs to be done. Please pray for us! It’s easy to slip into automatic and not depend on the Lord. God is bringing many things together, such as visas and Passports, and we give Him the praise. But there are a thousand other details. Please pray for the following…

(1) That our visas’ would be ready to pick up in Miami by the first week of January.

(2) That Allen can find time to study and write his last two sermons for Ellisville PCA.

(3) That God would continue to supply His grace, energy, and safety as we travel, pack, and say our goodbyes. He already protected us from our deer collision. O that we would not arrive in Peru a spiritual wreck! I’m constantly convicted of my prayerlessness in the midst of my busyness.

(4) That God would bring in our remaining support of $250/month.

As we get closer to Peru, the more we sense your prayers. As I said in one of our e-mailouts, we would not have made it this far without your intercession. Please let us know how we can interceed for you!

One thought on “We've Got Our Tickets!

  1. Hey Smith family!I love checking in with your blog and was so pleased to see that you posted today and that you’re at 96%!! Praise the Lord. The church will be so pleased to know that you’ve bought tickets and have a departure date. I also noticed the wish lists with amazon.com on your side-bar but there wasn’t one for Sandi. I would love to know some of the last minute things she may need before heading off. Thanks! Anna for the whole Peterson clan. p.s. Our little #4 baby is due to arrive on the 19th – just about two weeks out – keep us in your prayers! We love y’all!

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