November 2005 Update

CircusWe haven’t updated our blog in over a month because we have been like most of you reading: busy, busy, busy!

Here are some highlights of our past month….

1. Some men from Trinity Presbyterian Church (Jackson, MS) came down the first weekend to help clear out some yards hit hard by Katrina. Allen helped out, but got tangled up in some vicious poison ivy. His ballooned face was a fright to look at in the pulpit that Sunday.

2. We spent some time fund raising. One weekend we were at Starkville, MS. We had a great time getting to know the saints at Starkville, Pres. and rekindling some old friendships.

3. Allen has also been helping a local minister, Rev. Otis Walters, start a Community Mission. The mission will minister the Gospel in both word and deed to the poorest area in Ellisville. Since many consider it the worst neighborhood in town, they call it the “Bottom.”

Otis Community MIssion

Bugs4. Our girls enjoyed dressing up as bugs for Reformation Day.

5. During Reformation weekend, Sandi’s grandmother passed away. It was a sad time but also good to catch up with our relatives in south Louisiana. Here Abbie is playing with her best friend and cousin, Maddie Grace.

maddie and abbie

Kid Pic6. Two days after the funeral, we visited Maddie Grace again at her home in Decatur, GA. We tried to take some pictures of the kids, but our success was not very high.

We left Decatur and went to Knoxville, to visit one of our supporting churches. We had a wonderful time meeting them as well as spending time with Brad Ball and his family.

Now we are home running fever and achy. Please pray for us as we try to round up the remaining $600/month of our needed funds. We think we might by our tickets this week! Things are getting exciting! Here is our schedule through December:

* Nov. 9th – Aliceville, AL
* Nov. 13th – Saltillo, MS
* Nov. 17th – Jasper, AL
* Nov. 20th – Daphane, AL
* Dec. 4th – Meridian, MS
* Dec. 11th – Rogers, AR

We desire the old adage of missionaries such as David Brainerd, Henry Martyn, and Hudson Taylor to be true us, “To spend and be spent for God.” Please pray that we’ll work as George Mueller,

“to work as if everything depended on our diligence, and yet not to rest upon the lest of our exertions but upon the blessing of the Lord who only can cause your effort to be made effectual to the benefit of your fellow men or fellow believers.”

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