Surgery for Sure in September

Dr. AngelWe finally received a firm answer that Adeline will have head surgery soon. Since we’ll be living in Peru for an extended period of time, Dr. Angel (to the right) thought it would be best to go ahead and remove Adeline’s knot. He is not sure now if it is an osteoma or a dermoid. We go back to Dr. Angel September 6th and schedule her procedure. Without a doubt we’ll keep you posted.

Other news…

IMG_1918* Abigail and Adeline’s Grandmother J made a surprise visit last week. She delivered an early birthday present from Aunt Ashley, Allen’s sister. See stool to the left. Abbie now brushes her teeth in style.

* This Thursday and Friday, our family is going to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We’ll celebrate Sandi’s birthday (Aug.13) and our 6-year wedding anniversary (Aug. 14). Abbie can’t wait. Adeline has no clue.

* Peru is getting closer! As of today, we are at 82% of our support. All praise be to the King of the nations who is raising our support. The One who has called us is also the One who provides our partners. And we love our partners!

We are so thankful for your prayers and support. Please keep on praying! And tell us how we can pray for you

One thought on “Surgery for Sure in September

  1. Dear Allen and Sandi Smith. We will keep you and your precious Adeline in our prayers for her surgery May she recover and be up and running very soon. We will alos keep you in our prayers as you start this new mission work. Hope and pray all things go well with you and the family. Gary and Linda Tabor. (One of your da’s oldddd Health Talents running mates and work with you in Guatemala.

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