Fund Raising in Fresno, CA

Golden Gate Cable Car Napa Valley Fisherman's Wharf Glacier Point
Sierra View PCA invited us to come present our work this past Sunday. Their pastor, Brian Peterson, is a good friend from our seminary days. It was wonderful to fellowship with Brian & Anna, especially to see how much their kids have grown! We also rejoice to see in the middle of California a congregation that is God-centered, Christ-exalting, and Bible-saturated.

The fund raising process has also been a faith raising process. Our trip to Fresno is another testimony of God’s guiding grace. Here are some highlights of God’s provision and blessing:

* Our good friend Ryan Soulier, who works with SouthWest Airline, gave Allen a free ticket.

* Although Allen was flying stand-by, he was able to get on all the same flights with Sandi.

* Sandi’s parents took care of our girls so that we could have a mini vacation.

* Through we stayed at a 4 star hotel in San Francisco for 1/4 the price. As a bonus our room was upgraded to the concierge level free of charge.

* One of Brian’s best friends “just so happened” to be visiting Fresno the same weekend that we were there. God placed it on his heart to financially partner with us along with Sierra View PCA!

* We were privileged to see some of the most beautiful areas in the United States: San Francisco, Napa Valley and our favorite Yosemite National Park.

Yosemite Red Wood
We had a great time and it is good to be back with the girls. As the graph on the sidebar indicates we are at 67% of our needed funds. Only 33% left to go! That’s a little less than $2,000/month. We are almost ready for our next step: buy a one-way plane ticket to Peru!

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