Update on Adeline's Knot

Many of you know that Adeline was born with a small knot on her head just above her left eye (see picture below). Today we took her to a plastic surgeon in Jackson to have it evaluated. It appears that she has Osteoma, which is a small benign bone growth. She’ll have a CT Scan on July 26th. This will help Dr. Angel determine what course of action needs to take place. We expect that it will eventually need to be removed. The only question is when. We would appreciate your prayers on Adeline’s behalf.

Knot Head

4 thoughts on “Update on Adeline's Knot

  1. Hi, My name it Rosalyn Pack. I reached your blog from a note in Christ Community Churches “news and notes”. We were members there while my husband finished college and pharmacy school. We moved to Oklahoma in 2003. I don’t know if we were there at the same time, but as I had 2 young teens at the time, I doubt that we ran in the same circles! I just wanted you to know that my oldest son is doing a tour of South America and is in Cusco at the moment. Last Sunday he attended a PCA plant church there and enjoy it. You can read about it and his travels at http://www.philosomatic.com if your interested. We will certainly keep your family in our prayers. My son Thomas will be travelling back to Mendoza, Argentina to spend the next month working on a Campus Crusdade Project with Bill and Stacy Prescott. Did you know them from Ruston?

  2. My wife and I also go to Christ Community. We will be in prayer that everything goes well with Adeline, and the future potential of having surgery to remove the knot. We’ll also be in prayer for your work in Peru.-bk

  3. Hey Rosalyn,Did Bill & Stacy Prescott work with Campus Crusade at La Tech? If they did, I know them. I was converted in my dorm under a Crusade guy. Also, I just viewed Thomas’ blogpage. I can’t remember him at CCC. What years were you in Ruston? I was a member at CCC from 1996-1998. During that time, I frequently helped Brad Beier with the youth. Sandi and I grew so much at CCC. We have yet to return and see their new facility. I have no execuse since I’m originally from El Dorado, AR; only 45 minutes up the road. But since I preach every Sunday, it makes travel difficult on the weekends. Thanks so much for your comment!

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