GA 2005

We just returned from our first General Assembly (GA). It was a very encouraging time seeing old friends and making new ones. I didn’t expect the PCA to be so monolithic (mid to upper class anglos), but despite our homogeneity I was encouraged to hear that we are still in the top five of the fastest growing denominations in America. And many of our recent church plants are multiethnic.

Ga 2005 GA Prayer Sinclair

The Sunday before GA, we were privileged to attend Scott Pierce’s installation service in Jasper, AL. Then on Monday, we took the girls to the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga. Abigail and I tried the IMAX, but when the shark appeared in 3D she nearly jumped out of her seat. We had to leave the theater immediately. Here is a picture of the girls playing in the fountain outside the Aquarium…


At GA we made many good contacts for funding raising. Presently, we are at 61% of our needed funds. Please continue to pray that God will connect us with those churches and individuals He is calling to partner with us.

2 thoughts on “GA 2005

  1. I actually may or may not know you – this is in response to a note in the CCC email newsletter. I’m a former CCCer (probably in junior high when you were there), and just wanted to let you all know I am praying for you and your family as you embark on a journey of faith to Peru! I’m currently in Cusco, doing a bit of travelling before returning to Argentina for a Campus Crusade project with the Prescotts (Crusade missionaries from CCC). I attended the Iglesia Presbiteriana Evangelica de Cusco (a church with some contact with the PCAs MTW) on Sunday, and I can tell you that these believers are energized and working with hearts for the Lord and for the people of Peru! May God strenghten you with His grace, to provide you with the strength you need to accomplish what He sends you to accomplish! Thomas Pack (now in Oklahoma)

  2. Thomas,I was at CCC b/w 1996-1998. During that time, I helped Brad Beier with the youth. However, my memory data does seem to recall your name. I visited your blogpage. I love your pics! Would you mind if I took some of them to use for our presentations?When do you plan on coming back to the States? We hope on departing for north Peru in November. By the way, thanks for praying for us. How can we pray for you?Grace & Peace

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